You can create
your own mobile network!
See how easy it is!

Our mission

Our mission

    Our mission is enriching mobile market by allowing our Partners to create their own exceptional, personalized mobile networks for their brands, organizations or societies, share their values and unique benefits.

We have created the first cellular network for a football club!

We have created the first cellular network that supports animals!

The networks created by us:



With your own mobile network you can:

  • Promote your brand

  • Support image-building activities

  • Develop consumer
    and employee loyalty

  • Support your PR and marketing activities

  • Generate additional revenue

  • Support the sales of your core products

  • Raise your company’s status

  • Contact your clients directly using
    short text messages

Jak działamy

How it works

All you need to do
is order your SIM cards
and we will take care
of the rest:

  • Telecommunications

    The high quality of our telecommunications
    services is guaranteed by the Plus network coverage

  • Telecommunications

    We will handle all the technical,
    integrative and systemic
    aspects of the process

  • Getting through formalities

    We will take care of official filing requirements, obtaining numbering ranges, developing price lists, terms of use and other documents for your Subscriber

  • Sales helpline

    We will carry out the sales process via our helpline

  • Subscriber Services

    We will take care of full after-sales service for your Customer using our helpline and
    e-Customer Service. For example, we will help you solve technical issues, SIM card activation issues, etc.

  • Customer Service (CS)

    Our personalized Customer Service will take care of invoicing, collecting your receivables, deactivating the cards, SIM exchange, assignment of service provision agreements, number portability, etc.

Simple process

You choose how to use the SIM cards and virtual network as part of your own marketing plan
  1. 1. You decide on the name of your own network
  2. 2. You order the SIM cards
  3. 3. You sell the SIM cards
  4. 4. You make a profit and enjoy other benefits