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Rafał Kozłowski

Rafał Kozłowski LinkedIn

Prezes Zarządu

Piotr Sulik

Piotr Sulik LinkedIn

Managing Partner

Zbigniew Gawrych - Managing Partner

Zbigniew Gawrych

Managing Partner

Anna Markowska-Kejler

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Business Marketing Manager

Mateusz Starański

Mateusz Starański LinkedIn

Head of Business Development

Karolina Pietrzak

Karolina Pietrzak

Office Manager


Brand Reseller Model

We have a platform providing telecommunications services,
such as invoicing, CRM, card deactivation, SIM exchange,
assignment of services, number portability, Call Center, debt collection, etc.

We use Plus telecommunications network


About us

We originate from the group of Globitel and Globitell Wholesale companies
with many years of experience in providing innovative telecommunications
solutions for business.

Globitell Wholesale is leading provider of IOT/M2M services,
which enables mutual communication in real time with M2M devices
such as electricity smart meters, payment terminals
or tachometers - regardless of their location. The company offers also
voice and bulk SMS termination, anti-fraud systems, virtual mobile numbers,
leased telecom lines and telecom infrastructure development.

More: www.globitel.pl and www.glwh.pl